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FAQ Garuda Indonesia Travel Insurance

When does Garuda Indonesia Travel insurance coverage begin and end ?

How will Garuda Indonesia Travel Insurance Policy pay for Medical expenses and Associated Medical Expenses benefit ?

Can I still buy Garuda Indonesia Travel Insurance, if have a pre-existing condition ?

Does Garuda Indonesia Travel Insurance policy cover pregnancy-related matters ?

If I fall sick during my trip, can I claim for medical and associated medical expenses ?

Does Garuda Indonesia Travel Insurance cover Your baggage due to loss, damage and theft ?

Can I cancel Garuda flight booking for any reason and do I get a full refund my trip Cancellation benefit ?

Terms and conditions

  • After Buying Garuda Indonesia Travel Insurance

    • What Should I do if I have not receive my Garuda Indonesia Travel Insurance policy?                                                                                                Please contact Allianz at +62 21 29269988 or Travel@allianz.co.id
    • Where can I get the full Policy Wordings of Garuda Indonesia Travel Insurance Policy ?                                                                                                  The full Policy Wording Garuda Indonesia Travel Insurance is available on this website ( Click Here ) to view or download in PDF Version.
    • Can I make changes to my Garuda Indonesia Travel Insurance Policy?
      Yes, in case of flight reschedule you can request for amendement by contacting +62 21 29269988 or Travel@allianz.co.id
  • Let Garuda Indonesia Travel Insurance Take Care of you!

    • What do I do if I encounter an accident aboard ?
      If you encounter an accident abroad, simply call our 24-hour Emergency Assistance at +65 6535 5833, we will ensure that you get the necessary assistance.
      If you require hospital treatment due to an accident, please make sure you keep the medical report and the original medical receipts and invoices when you return to Indonesia to make processing of your reimbursement easier.
    • How do I file for a claim ?
      You can download the ( Claim Form ) at https://www.allianz.co.id/layanan/klaim/klaim-asuransi-perjalanan and follow instruction included in the documents. For question about claim, you can email travelclaim@allianz.co.id or you can call +62 21 29269988
    • Is there a cut off time for filling claim ?
      Claims documents must be submitted to Our office as soon as practicable but no later than ninety (90) consecutive days from the date of the incident happening. If the Policyholder cannot complete the Claim documents within this ninety (90) days’ time due to reasonable cause, the documents must be submitted no longer than one (1) year from the date of incident happening.
    • How long does it take to claims payment process?
      For claims payment process will be done within 14 work days or maximum 30 calendar days (depending upon the complexity of the Claim) after the approval settlement or coverage acknowledgement for the Claim to the insured.
  • Costumer Service & Claim

    Details of Garuda Indonesia Travel Insurance policy can be found in our FAQ Section. If you need to get in touch with Allianz, please use the contact details below:


    For Emergency Medical Assistance

    Please call 24 Hour Emergency Assistance, +65 6535 5833

    For General Enquiries

    Please Call +61 21 29269988 (Non Assistance / Non Emergency), or email travel@allianz.co.id

    For Claims Enquiries

    Please Call +61 21 29269988, or email travelclaim@allianz.co.id