Today, people don't buy things. They join things. The funnel to purchase has changed. This is why we need to adopt fast!

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I had a chance to browse information this week about social media and I found 2 good articles about how consumer behave and how social media has impacted their purchase behavior. Before I start writing this post, I also made time to sit with some experts to align my views and perception about this.

The consumer behavior has changed and the most scary part is, they change rapidly until we have to speed up at least 3 times from their speed. This is why I am also adapting to this rapid change. The consumers have expectations towards products and technology and how can make their life easier, that is why we are transforming Allianz into full digital marketing, sales and operations today.

I made some takeways from what I've learned from googling and talking to my resources:

1. Consumers expect mobile solutions

People now search information through their mobile phones. My source told me that 51% of our website traffic comes from mobile devices and tablets. I must say that I am proud to have Allianz eAZy Claim launched last year and also knowing that our corporate website is mobile-friendly. This means, Allianz Indonesia is on the right track to fulfill the consumers needs and expectations.


2. People don't buy things. They join things

I have seen a lot of people now joining communities. Take Allianz Virtual Run for instance. The Market Management guys have been running this program for almost 3 years now and it is growing. We grew contacts from just 250 to almost 3,000 now! But the question is, have they bought an insurance policy? I must say almost none. They are not interested to buy insurance, instead they are insterested to engage with Allianz for their interest. It is not the question of why they are not buying an insurance policy after 2 years of running with Allianz. It is a question of what's next to do with them to engage more. The more you add value, the more they stay. Value don't mean money. For them, value is when Allianz sustains to facilitate their interest in running. The more we sustain, the longer the engagement will be, and the more trust we will earn. The more community we serve, the bigger the market we create.

3. Relevant contents

After facilitating the community, we will then create segments of different groups that will continue to stay with us in the platform. Some of them will stay as normal groups, some of them will become our advocates. Research says contents shared by advocates performs 10 times better than content shared to paid channels and 7 times better than content in owned channels. That’s why we need to have relevant contents so that we can empower our community to leverage our contents. As Advocacy programs mature, companies are finding new ways to leverage the power of their brand ambassadors.

4. Strategic contents creation and distribution

Our contents must be rich, visual, and most importantly, relevant. Our brain process visuals 60,000 times faster than texts. This is why we now see many videos posted in our Facebook timeline. With the adoption of 4G network, i-video consumptions have increased tremendously. A recent survey conducted in Indonesia revealed that over 80% of mobile internet users have watched at least one video on their phone within the last week, 35% watch video on their phone several times a day.

Don't forget to strategize our content distribution. We must embrace and leverage social media development and manage our owned media assests (websites, blogs, and social media channels owned by us). SEO will play a big role for our contents. Companies who adopt content marketing will likely to win SEO ranks, according to one of Forbes articles. 

Allianz Indonesia will keep on adopting the development of digital marketing, distribution and operations.

Selamat istirahat... enjoy your weekend. Salam Allianz!