Bali, the island where Allianz Life Indonesia started

Hello, Allianz Citizens

I am so happy to be back in Jakarta again after my long year-end holiday. #1thingthatmatters most is, seeing so much enthusiasm and energy to go back on track and the desire to grow faster, bigger and better from my Allianz Citizens. It is an honor for me to visit all my distribution network accross Indonesia.

Joachim Wessling with Dok.Ginawati in Denpasar, Bali

Today I am in Denpasar, Bali, with Dok. Ginawati, CAO of Allianz Indonesia, visiting most of my Allianz Stars. This is one of the most popular islands in the world where most of my friends would love to spend their summer here. It is the largest tourist destination in the country and is renowned for its highly developed arts, including traditional and modern dance, sculpture, painting, leather, metalworking, and music. Since the late 20th century, the province has had a rise in tourism. Bali is part of the Coral Triangle, the area with the highest biodiversity of marine species. In this area alone over 500 reef building coral species can be found. For comparison, this is about 7 times as many as in the entire Caribbean. There is a wide range of dive sites with high quality reefs, all with their own specific attractions. Many sites can have strong currents and swell, so diving without a knowledgeable guide is inadvisable. Most recently, Bali was the host of the 2011 ASEAN Summit, 2013 APEC and Miss World 2013.

Joachim Wessling, Vice President of Allianz Indonesia

With a population of 3,890,757 in the 2010 census, and currently 4,225,000 as at January 2014, the island is home to most of Indonesia's Hindu minority. According to the 2010 Census, 84.5% of Bali's population adhered to Balinese Hinduism, 12% to Islam, and most of the remainder followed Christianity. Quite diverse for such an island.


Apart from all, Allianz Life has an emotional story. This is where Allianz started its Life business when Allianz acquired Aken Bali Insurance in 1996. 

Looking at the above fact, I believe Allianz will continue to grow its network and keep on protecting the citizens of Bali and its neighboring islands. 

Salam Sejahtera, Allianz Citizens