Allianz Indonesia today introduced Allianz Health and Corporate Solutions, a service division with specialized expertise in providing Health Insurance and Employee Benefit products and services. 

Hello Allianz Citizens and friends,

With full pride and optimism, I had the opportunity to introduce Allianz Health and Corporate Solutions (AHCS) today. As a life insurance company with more than 15 years of experience in Indonesia, Allianz Life Indonesia is currently in leading position in health insurance market. With a more focused business such as AHCS today, the customers will benefit from optimized and extensive service standard. Among the benefits are on-boarding procedures, partner with HRD, manage cost and treatment, give solutions for spouse and children, give advice and assist regarding the social security through Group Health, Group Life, Group Savings & Pensions (DPLK) and International Solutions for MNCs.

Joachim Wessling dan Jajaran Allianz Indonesia

Both employers and employees will benefit from AHCS expertise and services. With AHCS tailor made solutions, employers not only can control cost for Employee Benefit, but they can use it to attract and maintain their best talent, strengthen employee loyalty, increase staff morale and give employers a peace of mind. Meanwhile, employees can have comprehensive access to the best private medical care to improve their health and eventually reduce absenteeism.

Joachim Wessling

Despite market condition in 2014, we are optimistic that business will continue to grow, simply because there is a growing demand. One of the challenges is our customers are geographically dispersed across Indonesia, our answer is to give innovative IT solutions. With the right strategy, best in class products and services, we are committed to provide our customers with easy and convenient access.

Allianz dan BPJS Kesehatan Bekerja Sama Untuk Kesejahteraan Seluruh Karyawan

Another potential challenge could come from the implementation of the national health scheme (BPJS Kesehatan). By next year, employers are required to enrol their employee for BPJS Kesehatan. However, this also mean more people nationwide are becoming aware on the importance to have health insurance. That is why Allianz and AHCS will continue to support the government in their effort to implement the national health scheme. We have different health product segmentation from BPJS Kesehatan, and we believe there will not be any overlap in providing our health facilities and services.

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