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Allianz Life Indonesia cooperates with Bank Muamalat to reach people who put the Syariah insurance protection as their priority.

Product Sales through Telemarketing channels are:

  1. M AlliSya Accident Protection
    Provides cash compensation if the customer passes away in an accident. Options for this cash compensation range from IDR 300 million to IDR 2 billion
  2. M Allisya Hospital Income
    Provides daily allowance if the customer undergoes inpatient treatment and an additional cash compensation if the client undergoes surgery. Options for daily compensation plans  range from IDR 100,000 to IDR 1 million per day
  3. M Allisya Care Income
    Provides cash compensation when the customer is first diagnosed with one of 5 critical illnesses, specifically heart attack, cancer, stroke, kidney failure and other serious heart diseases. Options for cash compensation plans range from IDR 50 million to IDR 400 million

Product Sales through Muamalat branch offices are:

M Allisya Relink

Key Benefits:

  1. Life insurance benefits if the insured passes away
  2. Benefits of  investment results that can be taken in accordance with the policy or at the end of the contract if the insured remains alive when  the contract has expired

Additional benefits:

  1. Benefits for critical illnesses (49 types)
  2. Compensation for Disability or Death due to accident
  3. Daily allowance for hospital treatments / surgery
  4. Premium exemption / top up if the policyholder suffers critical illness or passes away



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